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We are a Venture Builder (also referred to as Venture Studio, Startup Studio or Startup Factory) with a sector specialization. We create start-ups within the Fintech and adjacent arena by scanning the market for exciting opportunities and teaming up with entrepreneurs who lead these projects.
While each new venture does leverage shared resources and expertise of the Venture Builder, unlike accelerators and incubators, we work through the stages of start-up creation from zero to getting the product to market Read more
We inject initial capital into each venture to kick-off the project, post which we develop the idea and raise a first external round. We also follow-up the initial investment with a subsequent capital infusion, usually along with the funding round.
We do have a continuous pipeline of project ideas in-house, but we also work with entrepreneurs who already have an idea to co-create ventures. So if you are an entrepreneur with an early-stage project (whether it is an idea or a live product/service) and would like to work with us, we would love to hear from you.
We are not Venture Capital and therefore don’t actively pursue such investments. However, we can look at specific strategic opportunities on a case by case basis.
No, we are happy to work with entrepreneurs from around the world and do not have any geographical constraints. However, we are based in Barcelona and thus test and launch the majority of our in-house projects in Spain / Europe.